Best Home Inspectors in Chattanooga Process

My home inspection process

When a potential client calls me, I first try to find what concerns they may have, if any, about the property.

1. Many times, they simply want a clean bill of health. However, sometimes they are questioning the conditions of the roof, HVAC system, or another system. I then find the address, age, square footage of the house and if there are any outbuildings and if they would like those checked as well, and then I can give them my fee based on those factors.

2. We schedule a time and payment method. I email them a link to an Inspection Agreement which they can read and sign online. The agreement details expectations, obligations, and price. (I am an affiliate member of the Greater Chattanooga Realtors association and have access to any of the SupraKey lock boxes.)

3. Once I finish with the inspection, the client is welcome to follow along as I point out my findings.

4. I then write the report and send a link for a detailed electronic report filled with high-resolution digital photos and descriptions of my findings in plain language that’s easy to understand. (I send it to their realtor if they wish, with their permission.) The report has a fast turnaround, usually delivered within 24 hours, and I keep the client’s contact info in my phone in case they call with questions.

For realtors

I can usually find common interests with most realtors since I’ve been a property manager, a house flipper, and a handyman for many years. It is good to share horror stories. I have several realtors who I work with from time to time. I enjoy being of help to them and their clients and try to get their inspections scheduled as quickly as possible because they are usually in a rush, their clients having waited until the end of their contingency period for getting the inspection done. I like to hear the relief in their voices.